Original Paintings

New and Old Art

These are some new paintings along with some old paintings. Many of them were paintings I haven’t had access to for various reasons. I’m in Burns Lake for the summer and I’m planning on doing a lot of painting while I’m here so stay tuned, more art on the way.


3 New Pieces

Spring Cleaning

I’ve been working steady on my paintings and I haven’t finished any of the big projects I’ve been working on but I decided to post some of the smaller things that have been going through my head. The painting titled “Cathedral” was started in 2012 and then left to collect dust since then. As it was painted on raw canvas I was worried about its stability over time so one of the reasons I went back into it was to try to improve its longevity. When painting on raw canvas there are several issues that can become apparent over time, if the fabric isn’t washed before being painted on it will discolour over time due to chemicals in the fabric. And, if you use anything but distilled water on the canvas that can also cause issues with stability over time. The single biggest problem with raw canvas is that it’s very hard to clean and accumulates dust over time. So, in addition to reworking the painting I made an effort to improve its durability. I’ve been moving away from raw canvas lately but continue to use it in certain circumstances.

The other painting in this post (the 18 x 24 untitled) is as durable as paintings can be. Stretched on washed and gessoed canvas, protected for support induced discolouration (SID) and then coated with two layers of a GAC-500 isolation medium and finally varnished with a UV resistant, removable polymer. Paintings done like this one are easy to clean and can last a very long time without changing at all.


And here are a few others I’ve been working on lately, they’re not really related to the others. One is acrylic on paper, just a sketch. The others are on rigid supports because of the heavy impasto techniques used, they’re an experiment in “mixed media.”

More New Art

Here are some new pieces I’ve been working on, more than half are unfinished but it’s always good to get feedback. Let me know what you think.