New Website

As it stands the gallery in this website is much smaller than it could have been. I entrusted photographic copies of my work to an external hard drive which recently died leaving me with only very few photos of paintings which have sold. Had these works been included, the gallery section of this website would be at least double the size but as it is I have no way to get them back (so much for the archival quality of digital media). This inconvenient reality means that I actually have to pick up the brush and start painting again.

The work that you see in this website’s gallery has two sources, first is the work that I kept because it was significant to me in some way, second is work that simply hasn’t sold in art galleries (I think 5 of the paintings in the gallery are sold). In a way it’s fortunate, it has severed me from my artistic past and fixed me firmly upon the future. All my past work is consumed in digital fire and a new body of work, built on the old foundation has now become possible. Misfortune is a golden opportunity.

11 x 14 Acrylic on Raw Canvas

“Pins and Needles” 11 x 14 Acrylic on Raw Canvas

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